Here is a library of past logos and branding for Exclusive Paints.

Back In the day the logo was very simple. I will find some older documents and post them here soon (hopefully).

In 1978 Exclusive Paints Limited moved to 284 College Street and had a new large sign made up. This began the design phase of the classic logo & branding as we know it.

Exclusive Paints Limited, We’re Exclusive, Not Expensive!!

Exclusive Paints was run by Izzie Reingewirtz even before its incorporation in 1936. Izzie was known for his location at 298 College Street.

Original 298 College Street sign. Hopefully we can find a complete clean photo without a for sale sign on it.

An old ad about Exclusive Paints when the store had doubled in size as well as had an upstairs show room temporarily.


284 College Signage.

A Yellow Pages video ad from 2011.

Here are some older documents pertaining to 284 College Street.

Here is a Yellow Pages ad they made. This doesn’t use our logo or branding.

Leaving 284 College Street.



Here is a composite picture of our old signage along with the new branding…

Store Signage for 3715 Chesswood Drive before the store opened.

Attached below is the direct printing PDF of the business card we used upon leaving College Street.


An Ad based on the business card for a directory.